Club Nintendo Members, Now is the Time to Redeem Your Free Gift!

If you are a member of Club Nintendo, a rewards program for Nintendo customers in Canada as well as the United States, then you should know by now that the Club year has ended as of June 30th, and if you’ve registered enough games and filled out enough surveys to qualify for Gold (300 Coins) or Platinum (600 Coins) status, then you are now able to select one free gift at no cost (of real money or Club Nintendo Coins) to you– and that includes free shipping!

Platinum members get to choose from any of the prizes shown above, but only they are eligible to receive the two big prizes for the year: A limited edition “Platinum” poster set, featuring art from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, or a set of high-quality plastic Mario playing cards with metallic detailing.

Gold members get their choice of anything else, including the yearly Club Nintendo calendar, or this year’s new additions: Free game downloads. Of course, these games are available regularly through their respective services, and some (if not all) have even come up as monthly rewards for those willing to spend the coins. But if for some reason the tangible prizes don’t appeal to you, then perhaps there is something in the digital realm for you.

The Elite Status gifts will be shipped by December 31st (they usually arrive around November-ish), but the games will be available for download immediately after redeeming. And if you missed the cut-off date, don’t worry; you still have access to your Coins from last year for spending in the Club Nintendo store. But you’ll have to start again if you want to make Gold or Platinum status by June 30th, 2013!

To see everything available for yourself, and to redeem your free prize (if you qualify, of course), just visit the Club Nintendo website here.


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