Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Coins by Digitally Downloading New Super Mario Bros. 2

The release of New Super Mario Bros. 2 on August 19th also marks the debut of a new feature from Nintendo: The ability to download retail games the same day they show up in stores. And with such a heavy emphasis on coins in this title (click here for more info), Club Nintendo has come up with a pretty clever promotion to mark the event.

As illustrated on the Club Nintendo website, registering a copy of New Super Mario Bros. 2 purchased at retail will net you 50 Club Nintendo Coins. But by going with the downloadable version, you can score a whopping 100 Coins instead! The only catch is that you must complete your registration survey by August 20th to get the bonus, meaning that there is a very narrow window for participation, nor can you hold on to your survey for later. But the 50 Coin trade off may very well be worth it.

Incidentally, Japan has an even better deal (and a much longer duration– July 28th to September 2nd). In addition to getting double the value of their Club Nintendo registration, they also get a free download of Donkey Kong: Original Edition for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. Previously, this version of the game was only available to those who purchased the red Mario 25th anniversary Wii in Europe, and includes the infamous cement factory level and animations left out of the original NES release.

So far, there is no word a similar deal applying in other regions, but there is still just under a month until the game’s release. We’ll keep you informed of any further updates!


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