Lots of New Footage and More from New Super Mario Bros. 2

A whole crop of new videos and images have surfaced today (well, just yesterday, as of this writing) for Nintendo’s New Super Mario Bros. 2, slated to hit stores alongside the Nintendo 3DS XL on August 19th. To kick things off, here is the latest North American trailer, which shows off many of Mario’s power-ups like the Mega Mushroom, Mini Mushroom, and golden Super Leaf:

Next up are a pair of commercials for the Japanese release:

Now, via GoNintendo, NiNTENDOMiNATi0N on YouTube has a nearly five-minute overview…

…as well as some more new footage:

Plus, via GoNintendo, you can see some images and other art assets taken from the official Japanese New Super Mario Bros. 2 website at Mario Party Legacy. These include screens, a map of the first world, and pictures of Mini Mario, Mega Mario, Fire Mario, Reznor, and Princess Peach.

Finally, if you have not already seen it, you can find my impressions of the game here, while I explain on PoisonMushroom.Org why I’m happy to see such an emphasis placed on coins.


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