Sonic Merchandise Website Open for Business in Canada and the U.S.A

SEGA has announced that their new official website for Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise (also official) is now open for business. Better still, they’ve made sure to point out that it is open to fans of the Blue Blur who not only live in the United States, but Canada as well!

Unfortunately, they have also pointed out that not all sections are up and running just yet– specifically, the T-Shirts, Electronics, and Posters sections each lead to a “Coming soon” page. Of this, SEGA says “we’re working round the clock to get these filled. So please bear with us.”

That said, the Figures and Plushies sections are up and running, so if you’re looking for Sonic toys to pose or squeeze, then this is the place for you. Hopefully they’ll carry more unique items (such as the Sonic figure pictured here) sooner than later.


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