Super Mario Sale Begins on Nintendo 3DS eShop Tomorrow

Beginning on Thursday, July 26th, Nintendo is going to get Nintendo 3DS gamers ready for the impending release of New Super Mario Bros. 2 with a slew of Mario game sales in the Nintendo eShop. The pricing is as follows, with each title a dollar off:

  • July 26 – Aug. 1: Super Mario Bros. – $3.99
  • Aug. 2 – Aug. 8: Super Mario Land – $2.99
  • Aug. 9 – Aug. 15: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins – $2.99
  • Aug. 16 – Aug. 22: Mario’s Picross – $2.99

Super Mario Bros. is a known classic, and while I haven’t played it for myself yet, Mario’s Picross is a puzzle game with a strong reputation. But the two jewels you’ll want to claim– if you haven’t already– are Super Mario Land and its sequel.

Super Mario Land is admittedly a little rough, but expands the world of Mario into a new realm known as Sarasaland, giving our plumbing protagonist new lands and enemies to explore while offering a twist on the traditional Mario gameplay stylings we know and love. Plus, you get to fight bosses in a submarine and an airplane, all to some of the catchiest music you’ll ever find in the franchise.

Meanwhile, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins is a little more traditional in some ways, and really shows itself as a post-Super Mario World production (and was the only new 2D Mario game since World until the release of 2006’s New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS. You’ll find lots of new stage types to explore, including a giant house, large tree, a sunken submarine, a giant Mario made of Nintendo’s LEGO-like N&B blocks, and even an outer space attraction as you help Mario save his theme park from the debuting Wario.

It’s just a pity they didn’t start this a week sooner, as Donkey Kong for the Game Boy is the only title missing, and is just as worthy of anyone’s consideration (some would argue more so).

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