UDON Bringing New Street Fighter Comics to Shelves This Fall

Toronto-based comic book creator and publisher UDON Entertainment has issued an official announcement that they will be bringing their Street Fighter comic books back in the form of graphic novels this Fall. Two books will be available, including Super Street Fighter: New Generation and Street Fighter Origins: Akuma.

The first book, due to arrive in November 2012, will follow a mix of classic fan favorite characters such as Ryu, Sakura, Ken, and Guile, as well as newcomers Alex, Juri, Dudley, Hakan as the company moves towards the time period of Street Fighter III. As some may remember, the third Street Fighter game was notorious for at first omitting the entire World Warrior and Alpha casts, save for Ryu and Ken, only to later trickle in a few fan favorites such as Chun Li and Akuma.

But in Super Street Fighter: New Generation, we will finally get to see what has been going on with everyone else on the roster as the main Street Fighter III stories took place. “Super Street Fighter contains a longer lead story along with short stories by different artists and writers, allowing us to showcase more characters and events than ever before,” says the announcement, adding that the talents of fan-favorite artists including Joe Ng, Jeff “Chamba’ Cruz, Omar Dogan, Genzoman, and more will be contributing to this volume.

Then, in early 2013, you can learn the secrets behind Akuma and his Dark Hadou powers in Street Fighter Origins: Akuma. “Akuma’s past is brought to life through incredibly vivid artwork by penciler Joe Ng and colorist Espen Grundetjern,” says the announcement. “It’s been in the works for quite a while, but we assure you that it’s worth the wait.”

For those who can compare, UDON points out that these volumes match the size of their Street Fighter Ultimate Editions, which themselves are larger than your standard comic book format. In addition, every weekday sees a new serialized posting of pages from their previous comics at StreetFighterComics.com, thus allowing those who have yet to read the comics (or perhaps lost track at some point) a great way to catch up on things.


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