A Few New Tidbits on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Just a few quick items about Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for you today. First, TSSZ News reveals something tucked away within a GamesRadar report on the Wii U. Specifically, that version will feature five-player local multiplayer, with the fifth player using the GamePad’s screen, something sure to help set it further apart from the other versions.

As mentioned on The Pre-Order Blog yesterday, it appears that the Bonus Edition of the game may extend to the Nintendo 3DS version. At least, if Amazon and GAME are correct; however, SEGA has not officially announced anything of the sort yet, and would not confirm it at this time.

Finally, again via TSSZ News, NiGHTSIntoDreams.com interviewed developer Sumo Digital’s Executive Producer Steve Lycett about the game, which reveals some interesting tidbits about NiGHTS’ inclusion in the new game as a playable character:

Originally we designed a very abstract vehicle that morphed to match the surface. On Land it has Ideya like nodes to make it float, on water it sprouted a fish like tail to move – and in the air it grew wings. However, once we saw the concepts from Iizuka-san, we dropped this in favour of the transforming characters, which in hind sight were much closer to what the characters did in the original games. Given the transformation aspect of the game, I think this was the right choice to make.

I’ll keep you informed of new developments as the November 20th release date approaches.


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