Club Nintendo Giveth, and Club Nintendo Taketh Away

Some good news and some bad news have come out of Club Nintendo this week. First, we’ll start with the bad.

Were you saving up your Coins in the hopes of scoring one of those Mario-themed Hanafuda card decks? So was I, just as soon as I got that Game & Watch Ball unit. Unfortunately, we’re out of luck, as the cards are no longer being offered as a Club Nintendo reward. You can still get them through eBay, though prices run from as low as $27.99 to as high as $75… in U.S. currency, that is.

The good news is that Club Nintendo has added a new item to take its place: A gold Wii Nunchuk controller, made to complement the Wii Remote Plus which came included in some bundles of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. This one will cost you a hefty chunk of change at 900 Coins, and they emphasize that this item is available in a limited quantity (though that could mean a million were made, we’re not sure).

An item such as this is one that many people have long awaited… perhaps even too long, as some commenters to Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda Facebook post note they have already gotten one through other means. Nintendo had stated in April that they had no plans to release the item outside of Japan, which no doubt led fans to take action sooner, rather than later.


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