Limited Edition Sonic & Eggman Shirts Available to Canadians with Free Shipping, Plus Statue Drawing

Just because the U.S. gets a good deal on something doesn’t mean Canadians are going to get that same good deal. Sure, the dollar is better here, but prices may still be higher, and while we’re all sharing the same land mass, something which gets free or cheap shipping in the States can suddenly cost a lot more once you step over that imaginary line which crosses the continent.

But today, we have one special case where the Official Sonic Merchandise store is offering up two limited-edition t-shirts (seen above) for $39.99 each (tax is included), and free shipping. If you want one, you’d better act fast– there are only 250 of each design available.

In addition, all customers who make purchases between August 14th and 31st will be entered into a prize drawing for a chance to win a 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Statue of the Blue Blur.


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