More Mario Equals More Coins When You Register Retail & Digital Copies at Club Nintendo

This will likely only apply to a small, small minority of people out there, but nonetheless, this is a neat little option for those who– for whatever reason– wish to do so.

I mentioned previously that Club Nintendo will give you double the number of Coins for registering a digital copy of New Super Mario Bros. 2 in the limited launch-day window. But if you want even more Coins from that particular game, it’s as easy as picking up a retail copy.

According to Nintendo Okie (via GoNintendo), representatives of Nintendo have confirmed that you can indeed register both a retail and a digital copy of New Super Mario Bros. 2 to the same Club Nintendo account, resulting in a total of 150 Coins for those who do so.

The ideal situation for this would seem to be two people in the same household sharing a Club Nintendo account, each with their own copy of the game. There is one potential downside, however; it seems that the game has multiple save files, and that the one million coin total is the cumulative total of all files.

So while you might get more Club Nintendo coins with two copies, reaching the in-game goal will be a little more difficult if you’re playing separate copies. Decisions, decisions.


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