The Nintendo Download – 8/16/12

This week’s Nintendo Download is going to be nothing short of divisive, and it all hinges on one game and how you want to buy it.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 comes out this Sunday, August 19th. If you plan to download the game, then this is a terrific week for the Nintendo Download, as this is perhaps the biggest (in several ways) release the Nintendo eShop has ever had. On the other hand, if you were planning instead to get this at retail… well, there isn’t a whole lot more going on.

If you’re on the fence, however, then perhaps this week’s Nintendo eShop video of the game’s Coin Rush Mode will help to further entice you? Or you can check back with us soon, when I’ll give my review.

As for the price of the download, nothing is stated by Nintendo except that the suggested retail price will be $39.99.

If you own Theatrhytm Final Fantasy, then there is new downloadable content available today at a cost of 99 cents per song.

As many of you no doubt know by now, when a game becomes available on Nintendo DSiWare, it is also available to Nintendo 3DS owners in the Nintendo eShop. But today’s DSiWare offering is a little different, in that there are actually two separate versions.

Crazy Chicken Pirates is a point & shoot action game for 200 DSi Points on Nintendo DSiWare, or you can get a special 3D version, suitably titled Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D, made specifically for the Nintendo 3DS system in the eShop for $1.99. Not too shabby!

Finally, “A Month of Mario” comes to a close as Mario’s Picross goes on sale for $2.99 through next Wednesday, August 22nd.

That’s it for this week; check back with us again next Thursday, and hopefully we’ll see something new and exciting (or even old and exciting, where Virtual Console games are concerned) exclusively for the Download crowd.


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