Xbox LIVE Marketplace Update for 8/15/12

This week’s update kicks off with a new addition to the Xbox LIVE Arcade lineup in Dust: An Elysian Tail, a 1,200 Microsoft Point adventure game through an open world filled with quests, power-ups, and numerous enemies to fight with an “intuitive combat system” as you discover the story of a civilization near its end.

Two new demos of retail games are available to Gold members, too. Madden NFL 13 and Damage, Inc.: Pacific Squadron WWII are your choices. The former needs no description, and the latter? Well, it has no description– something to do with World War II fighter planes is all I can tell.

If you have Square Enix’s Quantum Cunumdrum, there is a new add-on called “The Desmond Debacle” available today for 240 Microsoft Points.

This week’s exclusive deals for Xbox LIVE Gold members are for THQ’s Saints Row: The Third. “Genkibowl VII,” “Gangstas in Space,” and “The Trouble with Clones” are each half-price at 280 Microsoft Points.

Special sales are all from Square Enix with the following Just Cause 2 packs going for 80 Microsoft Points, half-off: “Black Market Aerial Pack,” “Black Market ‘Boom’ Pack,” and the “Scorpion Animated Pet,” presumably for Avatars. Deus Ex: Human Revolution gets in on the fun as well, with its “Missing Link” pack going at half-price for 600 Microsoft Points.

Source: Xbox Live’s Major Nelson


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