New Nintendo Land Videos Show Off Metroid Blast Attraction and More

At the Wii U press conference on Thursday, Nintendo revealed that one of the games available on the November 18th launch day of the new system would be Nintendo Land, which will be sold separately and included with the Deluxe Set bundle. To that end, new videos have been released, with the above showing off several of the attractions available in the title, including the newly-revealed “Mario Chase,” “Pikmin Adventure,” and “Metroid Blast.”

Rounding out the package are two others which were not shown, but revealed in press assets: The Game & Watch-inspired “Octopus Dance,” “Yoshi’s Fruit Cart,” and the F-Zero-based “Captain Falcon’s Twister Race,” whose logos you can find in the gallery below. Unfortunately, there have been no details on their goals or how they play.

But the focus of the day seemed to be the “Metroid Blast” portion, which is detailed more in the following videos:

Though I’ve not played this latest version of Nintendo Land, you can find my hands-on impressions of the game from this year’s E3 demo here. In addition, “Metroid Blast” is an updated version of a demo from E3 2011 called “Battle Mii,” and you can find my hands on-impressions of the game as it was a little over a year ago here.


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