No Club Nintendo Kirby Collection Card Contest in Canada

Here’s a little song ‘n dance which is no doubt familiar to many a Canadian, though it is a bit unusual to hear of it from Club Nintendo.

As you might recall, Sunday is when the new Kirby’s Dream Collection – Special Edition was released for the Wii. And in addition, you might have even heard about a special contest through Club Nintendo, wherein registering your copy of the game and filling out the accompanying survey would enter you for a chance to win a set of collectible Kirby Round Playing Cards.

But as it turns out, this contest is not open to Canadians, so if that was a consideration for your purchase of the game collection, know that you’re excluded.

So, to sum up: Club Nintendo’s commemorative Kirby collection contest for collectible cards counts out Canadians, and that’s considerably crappy, capiche?


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