The Nintendo Download – 9/13/12

The big news from Nintendo today has nothing to do with their downloadable titles– perhaps to a fault, but that’s something we’ll get to when we look at today’s Wii U coverage. For now, here’s what is newly-available for your Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DSi.

The headliner today is Fractured Soul in the Nintendo eShop. This $11.99 game from Endgame Studios touts itself as being a platforming game made by platforming gamers which utilizes both screens. One might argue that they aren’t the first to do this (see: Contra 4, Sonic Rush), but I should have a review here before too long.

Also in the Nintendo 3DS eShop is Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D. This $4.99 first-person game is an arcade-style on-rails shooter set in the Middle East with stages set on land, in the air, and in vehicles as well.

Ever dreamed of owning a bookstore? Well, now you can find out if it’s really for you in Bookstore Dream, a $1.99/200 DSiPoint management/simulation game in the Nintendo eShop and on Nintendo DSiWare.

This week’s lone Virtual Console release comes to us in the form of Mystical Ninja starring Goemon in the Nintendo eShop. This 1998 action-role playing game from Konami is $2.99 and features three characters with two-player simultaneous play.

Finally, there is a watch-to-win contest on Nintendo Video. Just watch this week’s episode of Dinosaur Office (starting tomorrow) on Nintendo Video to enter for a chance to win a special episode of Dinosaur Office: The Remix!

For more details on this week’s downloads (including videos, screenshots, and more detailed descriptions), click on the corresponding links above.


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