The Nintendo Download – 9/20/12 – Last Chance for Pokédex 3D

In a surprising turn of events, this week’s Nintendo Download doesn’t feature much in the Nintendo eShop. That isn’t to say that there isn’t anything at all, but no marquee titles or anything. Instead– and just as surprising, if not more so– is that the honor instead goes to WiiWare.

At long last, the Indiana Jones-esque adventures of La Mulana have finally made it to WiiWare. For 1,000 Wii Points, you’ll get 40 hours of “archaeology action and exploration” gameplay with Professor Lemaza as you venture deep into hidden temples and fight off foes with your whip and other weapons while tracking down artifacts.

The big game on the Nintendo eShop this week isn’t even a full game; rather, it’s a demo for a full game to be released next week. THE “DENPA” MEN: They Came By Wave is a dungeon role playing game in which you use radio waves to assemble the titular Denpa Men to form a party to explore dungeons and rescue “a certain special someone” from the King of Evil.

What makes this title particularly interesting are the claims that ” Each radio wave territory has its own completely unique Denpa Men, and no two of them are ever the same! Their faces, bodies, and personalities are all different, and some of them even have special skills and strong points. There’s a practically infinite number of variations!”

Some are extra strong, can only be found in certain locations, or can be quite rare as well. And “you can find and catch new characters anytime, anywhere.”

When it’s released next week, the full game will be $9.99.

This week marks the final opportunity to download the free Pokédex 3D. This program, which allows you to view Pokémon in 3D with animated motion and sound, will be pulled from the Nintendo eShop on October 1st.

Rising Board 3D is a $2.99 Nintendo eShop surfing game with tricks and eight customizable boards to collect, including a sailboard, kiteboard, wakeboard, and of course, a surfboard.

Retro Pocket is a game for both the Nintendo eShop and Nintendo DSiWare, and costs $4.99/500 DSi Points. Inspired by Game & Watch and other vintage LED handhelds, this collection offers eight different games with two modes each, complete with graphics and sound based on the originals.

Finally, Nintendo Video updates with Meat of Die: Naomi: “Your favorite dim-witted dinosaurs are back on the search for meat! This time, when Yans is tempted to go vegetarian, Gans snaps him out of it and refocuses their attention on their next big prize: Naomi.”

For more information on each of this week’s downloads, click the appropriate link above.


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