The Nintendo Download – 9/6/12

This week’s Nintendo Download comes as a bit of a shock, as there is a new Virtual Console release… for the Wii. What’s more, it’s not an SNK title.

The Super NES version of Prince of Persia will run you 800 Wii Points. Originally published by Konami, the current rights holder Ubisoft is apparently the one responsible for bringing this port of the multiplatform classic to the Wii’s Virtual Console. See where the legend began (well, in a sense) as you help the young prince escape the treacherous dungeons and save his beloved from Grand Vizier Jaffar.

Headlining the Nintendo eShop this week is Balloon Pop Remix. This Nintendo 3DS download claims to “take the classic Balloon Pop formula and turns it on its head” with “a deep story mode, 100+ stages in puzzle mode, exhilarating endless mode, and a pick-up-and-play mini-games mode.”

Joining it in the Nintendo eShop is Heyawake by Nikoli, another compilation of “sudoku”-esque puzzles, 50 in all. There are also two modes, with “Stage Clear” dealing you one puzzle at a time in sequence, whereas “Random” lives up to its name by generating puzzles at random.

Both are priced at $7.99 each.

Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DSi owners alike can enjoy the newest Nintendo DSiWare title, Crazy Hunter. For $4.99/500 DSi Points, your goal is to acquire hens that lay golden eggs from around the world by building towers from goats you’ve collected by knocking them off of candy-made platforms and fishing them out of the river. Oh, and you do all this by controlling a mad crocodile named Dundee who uses a speedboat and crane to perform the tasks.

Nothing weird about that, right?

Finally, the two gents above– collectively known as The Black Keys, have a new song on Nintendo Video. No, not tomorrow– today! Called “Little Black Submarines,” this 3D video was recorded during a secret show in Nashville and “intimately captures the raw energy this band generates on stage.”

And that’s everything for this week! All we can do now is enjoy, and ponder whatever happened to those two Game Gear Sonic titles we were supposed to get.


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