New Sonic & All-Stars Racing Screens Show Off Wreck-It Ralph’s Wheels

SEGA has just released some new screenshots for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed featuring their other big guest star, Wreck-It Ralph from the upcoming Disney movie of the same name. So not only will Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman be getting a little bit of time on the big-screen when it hits theatres on November 2nd, but they’ll return the favor for the movie’s star when the game is released across various platforms throughout this holiday season.

Ralph’s appearance was revealed a few months ago, but we never got a really good look at the big guy’s ride. That is no longer the case, however, as these three new screens highlight its three modes for land, sea, and air travel.

We don’t see much more of the wrecking ball-carrying tow truck this time, but the helicopter and airboat modes are shown with plenty of detail. Check them out in the gallery below, and I’ll bring you more info on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed as it comes!


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