Pictures from the York University Stop of the PlayStation Campus Tour

Earlier today, I hit the road to scoop up some on-site pictures and details from the delayed York University stop on the PlayStation Campus Tour.

All said, the event was fairly impressive, though disappointingly enough, there were no people dressed up in giant Sackboy or Ratchet costumes. But then, I suppose with this being a college crowd, that sort of thing might not have suited this particular demographic.

Still, the middle of the lower level of the student centre/food court was taken up by a massive four-sided display where the Varsity Challenge competition was taking place. One side featured the recently-released NHL 13, a second had the upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, a third had LittleBigPlanet Karting, and a fourth featured the PlayStation Vita (though most of the units seemed inoperable for some reason) and monitors showing off trailers for other holiday releases, such as Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

There seemed to be some confusion over whether I was allowed to participate or not; several reps wanted me to, though some said I wasn’t eligible as I wasn’t a student at the university. Looking over the rules, however, there doesn’t seem to be such a stipulation. In fact, it even allows for participants as young as 13 (with a parental guardian) to take part. So if you’re not a student and were planning to attend one of the other stops on the tour, be aware of this potential hiccup (and consider checking and printing out the rules to be safe).

Though I wasn’t allowed to compete (which I was fine with, I was only there to cover the event), they did allow me to try out some of the games during “free” moments. I’ll detail those in a separate post.

There was a fair bit of swag being given out as well. Samples of NOS energy drink were being given out in exchange for a small donation for charity, while another lady on hand gave out a two-sided flyer from Virgin Gaming promoting a PlayStation 3-exclusive NHL 13 Campus Showdown and EA Sports Challenge Series $1 million online tournament (also PS3-exclusive, of course).

There were also coupons being handed out for an extra 10 percent in trade credit at EBGames. Ironically, this coupon is marked as only being valid from October 16th through October 22nd, meaning that it expired before they were handed out, and so some people may have difficulty using it. The other side features a deal to save $10 on any Sony game for the PlayStation Vita when it’s redeemed at EB Games. Luckily, this one lasts through the 25th of October.

Finally, those who won in today’s challenges received a PlayStation Varsity Challenge t-shirt, which you can see pictured above. They’ll be returning on October 24th for the elimination round.

Hopefully, this will give those of you with further stops on the tour an idea of what to look forward to.


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