The Nintendo Download – 10/11/12

The materials for this week’s Nintendo Download were a little late in coming, but don’t worry: Everything is set, so let’s get right to the full scoop!

It’s a Virtual Console kind of week as Nintendo delivers one classic apiece to both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii. On the Nintendo eShop, you can find the 1999 Game Boy Color game Mario Golf for $4.99. This one is highly acclaimed for not only providing a great golf game, but a full-blown RPG experience around it as well.

On the Wii, The Last Blade 2 is available for 900 Wii Points and hosts 16 playable characters and a number of improvements over its predecessor.

Also available in the Nintendo eShop are an “unbelievably cute platform game” (that’s actually one of the bullet-points) in Crazy Kangaroo for $3.99. And for those who can’t get enough Sudoku, Nikoli is back with Nurikabe by Nikoli, which gives you 50 puzzles for $4.99.

Lord of the Rings is back– in LEGO form! You can begin to relive the movies (and by extension, the books, I suppose) with a free demo version of
LEGO The Lord of the Rings

Did someone say “videos?” A new episode of Meat or Die titled “Helena” will be available on Nintendo Video on October 12th, with Yans & Gans employing a mysterious force in their never-ending (and never-successful) quest for meat.

Meanwhile, on the Nintendo eShop again, a new series of videos spanning the course of the next few weeks has kicked off. These are “How to Play” videos for the upcoming release of Spirit Hunters, Inc., with this week’s showing how Nic can use his Shadow abilities in battle.

Finally, the Nintendo eShop and Nintendo DSiWare both get Robot Rescue 2, a $1.99/200 DSi Point puzzle/strategy game with 60 levels. You’ll guide your robots through the trap-filled evil computer labyrinth to return them home, but there’s a twist: The robots are all linked to the same set of controls, so moving one moves them all!

And that’s everything this week. Click each of the relevant links above to find more screens, videos, and information on each of this week’s releases.


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