The Nintendo Download – 10/25/12

There is a lot to check out in today’s Nintendo Download: New games, old games, demos for upcoming games, updates to recent games, and even another downloadable retail release! Read on to see what’s cooking.

Liberation Maiden is a single-player arcade-styled 3D action/shooter game from SUDA-51’s Grasshopper Manufacture, the company which brought us the Wii classic No More Heroes and its sequel, as well as the more recent Lollipop Chainsaw on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. “The spirits that once protected the beautiful island nation of New Japan have been taken,” and for $7.99, you can take on the role of Shoko Ozora, the country’s president, to get them back.

In true SUDA-51 fashion, the game seems to be even crazier than it sounds. Check out the trailer and see for yourself.

NightSky is a unique sort of action-puzzle game which “delivers an ambient game-play experience unlike any other, offering cerebral challenges that fill uniquely designed, picturesque worlds.” It’s $9.99, and I’ll have a review for it up soon.

Marvel Pinball 3D was released on the Nintendo eShop back in June for $7.99, but if you haven’t had a chance to try it out for yourself, you can do so now with a free demo, also available in the eShop.

Love Mutant Mudds? Then good news! 20 new levels are available now for free in the Nintendo eShop, bringing the total up to 60. And if you haven’t played it and aren’t sure whether or not to drop $8.99 on it, you can find my review here.

Available on October 28th at retail and in the Nintendo eShop will be Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, the first Nintendo 3DS adventure of the gentlemanly Professor Layton and his puzzle-loving companions. Click the link to try three sample puzzles from the game, right here in your browser!

Two new downloadable Coin Rush packs are now available for New Super Mario Bros. 2 through the Nintendo eShop, and just as with the three released earlier this month, they are $2.50 each. (For my review of the game itself, click here, with some extra thoughts here.)

The Nintendo eShop plays host to two new Virtual Console classics today. From Capcom’s NES library comes the supremely challenging Ghosts’n Goblins, while Konami’s The Castlevania Adventure from the Game Boy will run you a dollar less, yet provide just as much formidable opposition.

18th Gate is available to both Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DSi owners for the price of $4.99 or 500 DSi Points, respectively. In this game, you’ll guide three distinct and uniquely-skilled heroes together as they venture through 18 different dungeon areas while facing randomized enemies, traps, and bonus items.

Finally, the Wii Virtual Console gets a little love this week from Saurus’s Shock Troopers. First released in 1997, this top-down action game will run you 900 Wii Points and allow two players to form a team of eight mercenaries to rescue Dr. George and his daughter from their terrorist kidnappers.

That’s everything for this week. Click each of the relevant links above to find more screens, videos, and information on each of this week’s releases.


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