Rumor: EBGames May Not Be Able to Fulfill Wii U Pre-Orders in Time?

As we near the eve of the launch of Nintendo’s new Wii U console, some unfortunate whispers have come through the rumor mill regarding supply meeting demand at EBGames. Simply put, they may not be able to– at least, not right away.

If you live in Canada and plopped down some preorder cash on a Wii U, you might want to check out your local EB Games. We’re hearing a rumor that locations can’t promise a Wii U to anybody who preordered after September 25th. Supposedly those people will have to wait until the second wave of shipments to get their system.

That’s unfortunate news to come at the 11th hour. If you pre-ordered yours after September 25th, you should definitely see what the situation is with your local EBGames store (or the one you pre-ordered at if it wasn’t local, anyway), and if you’ll be able to pick up your console on Day 1.

Sources: NeoGAF, via GoNintendo and Press The Buttons


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