NEOGEO X Gold Launches Today and Where to Buy It

For those interested in a classic SNK gaming experience on the go or in the comfort of their own home, today marks the release of the NEOGEO X Gold system. For $199.99, you get the NEOGEO X handheld, a charging station which connects the unit to your television via HDMI or A/V out, an “Authentic Arcade Experience” joystick, and 20 games built-in (these go for $9 each on the Wii Virtual Console).

In Canada, EBGames is carrying the console, and while does not appear to have a listing for it, does not appear to have their usual region-specific buyer restrictions in place on this item. And while their website lists Walmart’s website as a carrier of the product, the same does not appear to hold true for the Canadian version.

Stocks appear to already be running low, but I’m told that “if you find that a retailer is currently sold out, don’t worry, they should be getting restocked shortly.”


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