Nintendo Gamer Looks Over the Wii Mini

Curious about the new Wii Mini from Nintendo? Well, the thought has probably crossed your mind, if only for a fleeting second– it is exclusive to Canada, after all.

Well, despite being across the pond in jolly old England, the website Nintendo Gamer has decided to take a look at our goods for themselves and see what the console brings to the table. And the answer is: Not much.

In addition to no internet capabilities, no GameCube support, and no SD Card slot, “there’s no support at all for a Wii component cable in any resolution – they just won’t work. That means you need to stick with the frankly crappy composite cable that’s provided with the system.”

They reiterate my thoughts on the item, noting it is only of value to collectors and young children (or possibly those who only want their Wii Sports fix). Of course, if you’re in the market for a red Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk controller, simply buying the whole package is probably your cheapest option.


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