PlayStation Store & Xbox Live Marketplace Updates on Hiatus

Just a quick note: After this week, I’m putting the updates to the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace on hiatus. The holiday season is picking up a bit, and I find that doing them tends to interrupt the flow of my work. Read on for details and, if you’re interested, how you can help.

As I currently have eight reviews I need to complete for this site alone (that’s not counting work I do for other sites/outlets) and these are some of the least-visited articles on the site, I feel it best to put these aside for the time being. However, I do intend to keep on top of things for certain releases and things of particular Canadian interest, i.e. exclusive apps and the like.

Beyond that, I will continue the Nintendo Download each week– mostly because I actually enjoy doing those, and the info is usually organized and brief enough that doing them is a cinch. Plus, in some cases, I feel I can add a little more there– it’s not like I add too much to these two, anyway, usually on account of their sheer size and scope.

If you’re interested in seeing these two features come back, however, let me know. Better still, if you’re interested in doing the updates for them (either or both) as they come each week and think you can add a more personal touch, let me know about that, too, and we’ll see what we can do.

For now, you can pretty much keep up with the info at the PlayStation.Blog and Xbox Live’s Major Nelson.


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