The Nintendo Download – 12/20/12

Fun and excitement abounds in the Nintendo Download today, as consoles both new and old get a variety of new treats to be played.

First off, we have the final two downloadable content Coin Rush packs for New Super Mario Bros. 2. The “Mystery Adventures Pack” and “Impossible Pack” are each available for $2.50, and can be purchased in-game. The Mystery Adventure Pack looks like a lot of fun, but while I’m good at Mario, even I’m a little intimidated by the Impossible Pack. Have you got what it takes to face the danger?


Next, we have Wario Land II for $4.99, a game originally released for the Game Boy Color in 1999. What sets this one apart from many other titles is Wario’s newfound inability to die; rather, taking damage from certain enemies and obstacles instead changes his form. Get crushed under a weight? The squished form of Wario can now fit into small gaps. Get set on fire? Now you can run through enemies, and so on.


escapeVektor was originally released last year for the WiiWare service, and is now available in the Nintendo 3DS eShop for $9.99. I had the opportunity to review the WiiWare version for Nintendo Power, where I gave it a “Recommended.” If you like Pac-Man Championship Edition and are interested in something with a similar flair and flavor, then give this one a shot.


PIX3D is a game about rearranging pixels to form retro game-styled images. For $3.99, you get one thousand levels with three different game modes.


Riding Stables 3D commands a hefty price for a Nintendo eShop title (that doesn’t boast a retail release, anyway)– $29.99. It features 11 mini-games, 30 tasks, and 15 in-game protagonists as you engage in all manner of horse show competition, from jumping to mounted archery.


3D Game Collection delivers 25 classic games for $5.99, ranging from checkers and backgammon to sudoku and peg solitaire.


Unsure about 2 Fast 4 Gnomz? Now you have the chance to try this one for yourself with a free demo in the Nintendo 3DS eShop.


Dinosaur Office (rarr!) has a new episode to celebrate the Triassic New Year. You can catch a sneak peek on December 23rd, while the full episode will be available on Christmas Day.


Available on both the Nintendo 3DS eShop ($1.99) and Nintendo DSiWare (200 DSiPoints) is Anonymous Notes Chapter 3 – From the Abyss, the latest installment in the real-action dungeon-crawling RPG series. Not only can you acquire new powers, weapons, and armor from your fallen foes, but those acquired in the second chapter can be shared with other entries in the series.


Also on both the Nintendo 3DS eShop ($1.99) and Nintendo DSiWare (200 DSiPoints) is Cake Ninja XMAS, where you slice up snowballs for as long as you can.


Castle Conqueror – Heroes 2 comes to the Nintendo 3DS eShop ($4.99) and Nintendo DSiWare (500 DSiPoints), bringing with it new heroes, 11 new chapters, and two modes of difficulty for this puzzle-strategy saga.


To the surprise of everyone, today yields a new title for WiiWare– not the Wii U eShop, but the original Wii Shop Channel (which can still be accessed through the Wii menu of the Wii U, mind). Vampire Crystals is an action-adventure game for up to four players which sees the peace between the vampires and zombies of Creepyland broken. Now, as vampires, it is up to you to basically destroy everything in your path– including the stage itself!

The cost is 1,000 Wii Points, but fret not– a free demo is available, too, so you can try before you buy!

Finally, the following retail titles are also available now in their respective eShops:

Wii U

Nintendo 3DS

That does it for this week! To find more screens, videos, and information on each of this week’s releases, click each of the relevant links above.


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