The Nintendo Download – 12/6/12

Wow, there’s a ton to cover today in the Nintendo Download, so let’s get right to it.

Retail demos on a Nintendo console! Who imagined we would ever see the day? Apparently EA Sports did, as they’re the first ones out of the gate to provide such a sample with FIFA 13 in the Wii U’s eShop.

In addition, four other retail titles have been released to the Wii U eShop:

Click to enlarge

No prices are given on these, but since they typically run at about retail price, I’ve included the regular retail price given by

Similarly, the Nintendo 3DS eShop has four new retail releases as well:

And, just as with the Wii U titles, the prices listed are from Amazon and may not reflect the actual eShop prices.

Also available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop is a free demo of Fractured Soul, whose review you can find here.

Two new Coin Rush packs have been added to the Nintendo 3DS eShop for New Super Mario Bros. 2. Coin Challenge Pack C has a three-star rating, while Platform Panic has four, and each one is $2.50.

Virtual Console enthusiasts get a double-dose of action today. BurgerTime is now available for the Wii for 500 Wii Points, while Mighty Bomb Jack hits the Nintendo 3DS with a price of $4.99.

Murder on the Titanic is a hidden-object puzzle game that is now available exclusively through the Nintendo 3DS eShop for $7.99.

Meanwhile, Christmas Wonderland 2 is a hidden object game with a more festive theme and other mini-games. It’s available for $7.99 on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, or for 800 DSiPoints on Nintendo DSiWare.

A little more adventurous is Crystal Adventure for $1.99 on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, or 200 DSiPoints on Nintendo DSiWare. This one has you scaling a tower full of monsters to thwart their efforts to fully summon a powerful demon.

Finally, Nintendo Video has a new music video by Skrillex and The Doors called “Breakn’ a Sweat” which “takes you on a post-apocalyptic adventure in 3D.”

That’s everything for this week. To find more screens, videos, and information on each of this week’s releases, click each of the relevant links above.


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