Best Buy and Future Shop Stores Suddenly Shuttered

Image courtesy of The Consumerist

Image courtesy of The Consumerist

While this news may not be directly video game-related, it no doubt relates to where many of you purchase your games, and so here we are.

To the surprise of many customers and employees alike, Best Buy and Future Shop (which is owned by Best Buy) have suddenly shut down several of their stores across Canada with little or no warning. This is apparently “the first phase of a long-term transformational strategy to optimize the company’s retail footprint across the country,” according to a statement made on Best Buy Canada’s website.

Over the next 36 months, Best Buy will move into the second phase of the “Renew Blue” strategy and plans to open state-of-the-art new Future Shop Small-Concept web stores and new Best Buy Mobile locations across Canada, where and when appropriate. This move will enable the company to better serve its customers in both more locations and smaller markets across the country. The move was based on an extensive review of Best Buy’s retail footprint in Canada in an effort to reduce unnecessary costs, eliminate redundant operating systems and to optimize its real estate strategy to reflect a more a changing retail landscape.

More information is available by following the link, including phone numbers to call with inquiries and what happens to the blindsided employees (seriously, in this economy, couldn’t they have given them better notice than this?). As to which stores are affected:

Best Buy stores in Queensborough, Nanaimo, Victoria, Langford (Westshore Town Centre), and South Surrey, British Columbia; and Lachenaie, and Sherbrooke (SmartCentres Sherbrooke), Quebec.

Future Shop stores in West Kelowna, British Columbia; Montreal (Forum Entertainment Center), Laval (First Pro Ste-Dorothee), Quebec; Regent, Manitoba; Macleod, Calgary; as well as Ancaster, Barrie South and Erin Mills, Ontario.

Source: The Consumerist


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