Nintendo Posts Intro Trailer for Dillon’s Rolling Western: The Last Ranger

Only two weeks after Nintendo Direct announced a sequel to Dillon’s Rolling Western, Nintendo has released a new trailer showing off the intro to the game, which recaps the tale of The Red Flash so far:

It’s no small secret that Dillon’s Rolling Western is one of my favorite new properties to come from Nintendo in recent years (you can find my review here, so you can imagine my delight when The Last Ranger was coming. In addition to the April 11th release date seen in the trailer, a bit of new information has been revealed as well.

Thanks to a newly-added page on Nintendo’s website, we learn the identities of the three mysterious strangers who will become Dillon’s allies when he defeats them in battle. There’s Gallo, the strong but greedy lizard gunman with a grimace; Boone, a foolish but powerful bear Boone sporting bandoliers; and Nomad, a mysterious squid assassin who hails from the East Sea and carries a sniper rifle. Each should prove an asset as they aid Dillon’s more hands-on approach in battle.


As noted previously, Dillon must work to protect a train as well as the town from the carnivorous stone monsters called the Grocks. The first game was a tough but fair adventure which offered no hand-holding, allowing players to fend for themselves. And while this was certainly appreciated in light of other titles which are perhaps a bit too helpful, The Last Ranger will offer a new way to level the playing field as there are not only more strategic options, but also the ability to share tips for different stages through StreetPass.

My hope is to see Dillon appear in the next Super Smash Bros., but seeing that the first game did well enough to warrant a sequel makes me just as happy. Here is hoping that Nintendo is able to deliver an even better, more polished experience than the original when Dillon and Russ roll back into the Nintendo 3DS eShop this April.


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