Rumor: Wii U ZombiU Bundle Coming to Canada?


As noted in the headline, this is just a rumor for the time being, but according to various sources, it appears that a new Wii U hardware bundle may be coming to Canada.

Whereas the 8GB Basic Set does not include a game and the 32GB Deluxe Set includes Nintendo Land (which I can’t wait to talk about, once I’m able) and some accessories, this one is said to include Ubisoft’s ZombiU, an exclusive art book, a Wii U Pro Controller, the aforementioned accessories, the 32GB of internal memory, and a copy of Nintendo Land as well, all for $399.99. However, while Wii U Daily pointed to a listing on’s website and Joystiq points at Future Shop, both links now only lead to error pages.

Joystiq adds that the bundle is supposed to be available on February 17th, and that Future Shop stated that there would only be 95 of these units. With that said, perhaps they sold through their pre-orders already and opted to remove the page; it’s difficult to say.


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