The Nintendo Download – 3/28/13 – All Nintendo 3DS Edition

In a surprising twist, there is absolutely nothing new in today’s rather small, all-Nintendo 3DS Nintendo Download.


Well, that’s not entirely true– the rhythm-based action game HarmoKnight from Nintendo and Pokemon developer Game Freak is indeed new, though a free demo has been available in the Nintendo 3DS eShop for the past couple of weeks, so it’s already familiar to some. But now you can get the full experience for $14.99.


Another arrival to the eShop is Legend of the River King, a fishing role playing game from Natsume for $4.99. In addition to embarking on a dangerous quest to catch a mystical fish, you can also raise a fish as your own pet.

residentevilrevelations sonicasrt3ds

Two retail releases also join the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Capcom’s 2012 hit Resident Evil Revelations and SEGA’s recent Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, both of which also have free demos available to try first.

Finally, there is a new system update available for the Nintendo 3DS. With this update, you can now transfer your save data from a physical retail copy of a game to a Nintendo 3DS eShop digital download version. In addition, you can also download games from the Nintendo 3DS eShop by putting the system into sleep mode when the eShop is running.

And that’s all for this week! Click each of the corresponding links above to find more info on each of this week’s releases.


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