New Info on Mario Golf: World Tour

It’s almost time to hit the links in Mario Golf: World Tour, and Nintendo Direct teases us with the latest on this previously announced title.

Mario Golf: World Tour: Players who connect their Nintendo 3DS systems to the Internet can play competitive real-time multiplayer matches against others across the globe. They can also use the community feature to find others to golf with. The game is scheduled to launch this summer.


The big announcement here is the inclusion of Mario Kart 7-styled internet gameplay for multiple players, and it sounds like a lot of fun with the various options available. I might have missed it, but the only thing that I’m curious about at the moment is whether or not there might be some sort of option for turn-based play, similar to some iOS games. That is, can you take your turn, then keep the game is on hold until the other person takes theirs? Or is it all real-time back-and-forth?

Also, not seen in the video above but featured in the North American Nintendo Direct is a moment where Princess Peach switches her attire, almost magical girl-style, after sinking a putt. What’s that all about?


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