The Nintendo Download – 4/25/13 – The Rayman Legends Challenges App is Here!


It’s a double-dose of Rayman goodness today! First is the release of the free Rayman Legends Challenges App in the Wii U eShop, which allows players from around the globe to compete in daily and weekly challenges against each other and the game’s developers through several maps, including the Wii U-exclusive level Murfy’s Dungeon.

Second, Ubisoft has announced that the full game will be hitting the Wii U (and Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3) on September 3rd. Maybe that will be early enough in the month to avoid a full-on slaughter by Grand Theft Auto V two weeks later?


The 25th anniversary celebration of Mega Man on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console continues with Mega Man 4. This time, the Blue Bomber must face a new threat in the form of Dr. Cossack, who wants to prove his superiority over Dr. Light in the field of robotics by destroying the Super Fighting Robot, Mega Man! But along with back-up from robodog Rush and the cybernetic suitcase Eddie, Mega Man is now able to charge energy for even bigger blasts from his Mega Buster.


Crazy Construction in the Nintendo 3DS eShop calls on you, as a part of the Haruno Construction Company, to build a tower to reach the moon from anything on hand. Telephone boxes, road cones, televisions, desks, chairs, curling stones, and more than 100 types of objects are your brick and mortar as you build your way past mutant birds, fierce hurricanes, and even black holes sent by the Crash Construction Company to bring your project to a tumbling halt.


Available on Nintendo DSiWare and the Nintendo 3DS eShop, Color Commando is a platform puzzle game which puts you on the hunt for treasure, but you must avoid various color monsters along the way. But by grabbing globs of paint spread across the level and painting part of the level, monsters of the same color will dissolve upon coming into contact with it. There are five worlds, each consisting of four levels and one star level, which is unlocked by finding the treasure in the four previous levels.


Finally, there is 1991’s Sengoku on the Wii Virtual Console. An action-adventure game for one or two players simultaneously, your goal is to prevent the ghosts of the past from taking over the present. To do so, your super warrior must find and rescue other incarcerated characters, who you can then switch to as needed in the heat of battle. Choosing when to use the ninja dog, samurai, and ninja is key to a successful strategy, as is picking up new weapons and magical orbs with special attacks.

In addition to switching characters, the world itself changes around you at a hectic pace, so you must be on your guard!

And that’s everything for this week. For more information on each of this week’s releases, click the relevant links above.


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