The Nintendo Download – 5/16/13


This week, Super Mario Bros. 2 arrives on the Wii U Virtual Console. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the game, so seeing it arrive on Wii U is great for me. However, it’s a little weird that it’s showing up not only before the first Super Mario Bros. (available on the Wii and Nintendo 3DS Virtual Consoles), but before it shows up on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console as well.

Regardless, there’s better news about this release: If you’ve already bought Super Mario World for the Wii U Virtual Console, then you can get Super Mario Bros. 2 for half-price!


Also new to the Wii U Virtual Console this week is the 1994 classic Super Metroid. For most, this is the big news of the week, but I digress. This one is sweetened further by being offered as a part of the Famicom 30th Anniversary sale at the low, low price of just 30 cents. What a steal!


Rounding out the trinity of Wii U Virtual Console releases this week is Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, the third in Capcom’s line of soul-crushingly difficult action platformers, and probably one of the only games (outside of its own lineage) that has you spending more time in your underwear than in your armor.

And just remember: You can upgrade these games from your Wii Virtual Console collection (if they’re already there) for a small fee to take advantage of new features such as restore points, off-TV play on the GamePad, button customization, and Miiverse integration!


He was a dark and stormy knight…

One of 2012’s best sellers comes to the Wii U on Tuesday, May 21st as Batman teams up with Robin and a host of other DC Super Heroes (hence the name) for single or 2-player action as they seek to keep the streets of Gotham and the rest of the world safe from LEGO-fied versions of some of the worst villains in the universe.


Until May 30th, you can get CommanderVideo’s rhythm-music, auto-running platformer BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien for 25 percent off the regular Nintendo eShop price… whatever that is, as it’s not listed anywhere on Nintendo’s website. If you are knowledgeable in such things, then take this info and use it… use it well.


Originally released on WiiWare, PlayStation Network, PC/Mac, and iPhone, Swords & Soldiers 3D brings all the fun of the side-scrolling real-time strategy game into 3D. I’ve not played this version, but you can find my review of the iPhone version here.


To listen to fans and reviewers, Resident Evil Revelations was a revelation in more ways than one, revealing that the Survival-Horror genre isn’t dead yet. Join Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield on May 21st, or get in on the action early with the free demo available now in the Wii U eShop.


Looking over Nintendo 3DS’s way, Mega Man 5 continues Capcom’s 25th anniversary celebration of the Blue Bomber as they proceed to release each NES title on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Join Mega Man as he seeks to rescue his creator, Dr. Light, from the clutches of… his brother, Proto Man?


Also new to the Nintendo 3DS eShop is the Game Boy Color version of Harvest Moon, the farm-running simulation/role-playing game which has won the heart of millions. Can you become the Ranch Master you were meant to be when you inherited your grandfather’s farm? If you employ the help of nearby townsfolk and make it through the harshness of winter, then you may stand a chance!


There isn’t much to say about The Starship Damrey— literally. It’s a $7.99 action adventure, and the only details given say “Seek the inconcievable truth of the Starship Damrey and discover why nothing is more frightening than complete innocence.”

Maybe we’ll learn more during the acceptance speech for Game of the Year that will probably never happen thanks to poor marketing like this.


By contrast, Bowling Bonanza 3D has tons of things to say. This $5.99 title employs 2-player simultaneous play, or can host up to four with its “hot seat” mode. You can choose from Quick Play, Arcade, league, and tournament game modes, five difficulty settings for CPU players, over ten environments, over 30 balls, more than ten sets of pins to choose from and unlock, ball customization, and more.


Dress to Play: Magic Bubbles is a game about capturing magic bubbles from a magic washing machine with the custom boy or girl you’ve created, who may or may not also be magical. Two players can join in the fun using the same Nintendo 3DS unit, too.


California Super Sports is available in both the Nintendo 3DS eShop and Nintendo DSiWare for $4.99/500 DSiPoints, and features “six unique sports games popular in America,” such as “Croquet, Dodgeball, Lawndarts, Rollerblade, Shuffleboard Arcade, and Target Football.” Those Americans are just nuts about their Target Football, you know.

It’s a single player game that doesn’t exactly promise the moon: 3D graphics, different AI difficulties, “smooth gameplay,” eight “cool” chibi characters, and “entertainment for many hours” as you play against anywhere from one to three CPU opponents. At least they’re promising quality, though depending on how you look at it, probably doesn’t speak well for either the game, or just the industry in general if you have to mark such a thing as a feature.


D4Enterprise’s support of the original Wii’s Virtual Console is just surprisingly nuts; if only they’d gotten a bit more of a head start on it, but at least it’s cool to see something for the service at this late point in the game. Meanwhile, guys like Capcom and Konami have left us with incomplete sets of Mega Man and Contra games to deal with. Kudos to you, D4Enterprise.

That said, this week’s offering is King of Fighters ’99, the sixth installment of the series that was released in a year I can’t seem to recall off the top of my head. I’m sure it will come to me. This one raises the stakes by moving from three-man teams to four, with the fourth member designated as a “striker.” Other new features based around the power stocks are introduced, allowing you to increase your offensive or defensive power. Oh, and it’s bringing all this with 32 characters.

That’s everything for this week (“ain’t that enough?” –Rogue, X-Men), but if you want more details on any of the above titles, click the corresponding links for screens, info, and maybe even some video.


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