The Nintendo Download – 5/2/13


This week’s Nintendo Download sees two new releases to the Wii U Virtual Console, and two titles which should be familiar to those who frequently partook of the Wii version. First is Mega Man, the 1987 NES classic which pits the titular character against the evil Dr. Wily’s army of reprogrammed Robot Masters in the name of everlasting peace (Spoiler: The “everlasting peace” thing doesn’t go so well).


Then there is Pac-Man, the NES port of the arcade classic which sees the eponymous yellow hero navigate one maze after another, munching Pac-Dots and evading the ghosts who hunt him. Of course, through the strategic use of Power Pellets, the hunters soon become the hunted.

Both Pac-Man and Mega Man are $4.99 each, but if you already own them on the Wii and have ported your data over, it will cost you only a dollar to be able to upgrade them to include off-TV play on the GamePad, restore points, button configuration, and Miiverse interaction.


Based on the Nintendo Video-exclusive cartoon series of the same name, BearShark sounds like an endless runner. Playing as Steve, the last of your bloodline, you run, jump, and evade the duo of Bear and Shark until your luck runs out.


Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors have had this one for a while, but can now upgrade this release to be on par with other Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console releases. Balloon Fight is a simple but enjoyable game I’ve spoken of before, taking a cue from Joust and improving on the formula in numerous ways. Additionally, there’s the famous second “Balloon Trip” mode, which served as the inspiration for Balloon Kid and the game’s own attraction in Nintendo Land.

dillonsrollingwestern pushmo

Numerous Nintendo games in the Nintendo eShop are on sale for 30 percent off until 9am PT on May 9th. In addition to the excellent Dillon’s Rolling Western and Pushmo (pictured above), 3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure, Tokyo Crash Mobs, and Fluidity: Spin Cycle are also part of the offerings. (Click each respective link for my reviews.)

nanoassaultex funfunminigolftouch

Shin’en Multimedia Group has their own little corner of the sale, with the same discount for the same time period on Art of Balance TOUCH!, Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH!, Nano Assault Neo, and Nano Assault EX.


And until 9am PT on May 9th, you’ll also find that with the free download of Zen Pinball 2, Zen Studios is celebrating the theatrical release of Iron Man 3 with a Marvel Pinball 3D sale with all tables half-price.


New to the Wii U eShop is Tank! Tank! Tank!, one of the system’s launch titles and a port of an arcade game which allows up to four players. Three get to control tanks with Wii Remotes while a fourth controls monsters with the GamePad, or everyone can participate in a tank battle free-for-all. Or play solo to take on monsters while unlocking and leveling up your tank arsenal.


Kung Fu Rabbit is a new Wii U eShop title which features 80 levels of platforming action in normal and hard modes as you attempt to free your disciples from Universal Evil. Along the way, you can also unlock 15 items with which to customize the Kung Fu Rabbit.


Gummy Bears Magical Medallion is a “classic adventure platformer” for the Nintendo 3DS, featuring a 3D world with a 2D camera and 12 worlds with 13 achievements to unlock. Your goal is to seek out the magical Gummy Bear Medallion stolen by King Sour Berry, so that the Gummy Bears can become invisible again, allowing them to go about their lives in peace.


In My Riding Stables 3D – Jumping for the Team for the Nintendo 3DS, you return to the scene of Riders in the Saddle a year later to find that your old rival is the new jockey, and a banker seeks to shut the stable to set up a hotel. Comic-style storytelling, minigames, Augmented Reality obstacles, an extensive StreetPass mode, and even the ability create your own horse punctuate the classic style of story.


Finally, Armageddon Operation Dragon (no page available, strangely enough) for Nintendo DSiWare and Nintendo 3DS. I’d offer a summary, but I think allowing the description to speak for itself is better in this case:

All stars and planets in the cosmos eventually come to an end! Solar System, 2037. An asteroid as large as the moon is headed directly towards Earth. Imminent Forecast: Total Destruction!!! The human race will face its Armageddon, unless you can stop it. There is no weapon powerful enough to destroy or even divert it from its Earth-bound trajectory. Only an amount of energy greater than what our sun produces could prevent it. That magnitude of energy is located outside of our solar system, at the 4 cardinal points of the galaxy. At those coordinates are the planets: Upsil-on, Magnet-on, Fusi-on and Dark-on. Visit each planet to collect the greatest amount of energy and the mission will be a complete success. Humanity will die out some day, but not this time! Be brave! It’s in your hands to prevent it!

Sounds like a blast, right? There are 8 levels spread across 4 planets, and the game is said to feature “runner playability,” so I’m assuming it’s like an endless runner to some degree. There are also touch controls and local ranking, for those interested.

And that’s everything for this week! Click the respective links above to go to each title or sale’s page for more information on each.


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