Nintendo Direct Mini – 7/18/13

In addition to the surprise release of Earthbound to the Wii U Virtual Console today, the unannounced Nintendo Direct Mini (seen above) brought some other news for Nintendo fans.

This Nintendo Direct is primarily about updating everyone on previous announcements, and they kick off by telling us the latest in their plans to enhance StreetPass through Nintendo Zone locations. In “a few weeks,” over 29,000 locations across North America (including McDonald’s, Future Shop, and Best Buy locations in Canada) will allow those who visit with their StreetPass functions on their Nintendo 3DS activated to StreetPass with the last person to visit that location.

This also works with all your StreetPass-enabled games, including older ones you might not have touched in a while, as well as the new StreetPass Mii Plaza games released last week.

“In addition to StreetPass,” notes the press release, “Nintendo 3DS owners can connect their systems to the Internet for online play, Nintendo eShop shopping or just to check for SpotPass data or system updates.”

An update on Pikmin 3 tells us the following:

The head-to-head battle mode features 12 different stages with three different variations per stage. Players might want to grow lots of Pikmin quickly, while others want to make quick-hit guerrilla attacks to grab prizes. Every battle is different, as players adapt to different variables, stages and opponents. Players who go through Story Mode, Mission Mode and co-op Mission Mode and have broadband Internet access will be able to compare scores and stats with other players from around the world. Pikmin 3 launches Aug. 4 in stores and in the Nintendo eShop.

I was supposed to have a post-E3 preview for you, but the release is coming up so quickly, it might not even be relevant by the time I get to write it! I’ll tell you that the big takeaway from it that I experienced from it is in the time limit, and how it retains the threat of nightfall from the original game, but you’re apparently not limited to a set number of days, allowing you to revisit levels to your heart’s content.

Unfortunately, I did not get to try the Bingo Battle mode Bill speaks of in the video. Hopefully I will soon!

I didn’t get to play The Wonderful 101 at the preview event (it was the only game I missed out on), but it’s coming September 15th. In addition to a presence at San Diego Comic-Con this week, Nintendo’s Bill Trinen notes that the game will have its own special Nintendo Direct prior to its launch.

Coming soon to the Wii U eShop is Cloudberry Kingdom, a 2D sidescrolling platform game which features a random level generator based on the character you use, providing a unique experience every time. It will be available on August 1st. DuckTales Remastered will be along shortly thereafter on August 13th, and Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party from KnapNok Games, which allows two to eight players to “sit around the Wii U GamePad controller and dance, spin, grab, jump, hide, pump, pass and squeeze their way through a series of fun mini-games,” will also be available sometime in August.

Mr. Trinen also reminds us that this weekend is the big Pikmin 3 preview event at EBGames, where gamers can get their hands on the game early and pre-order the Nintendo eShop version, allowing them to get it one day early.

The other thing they showed off earlier in the video was a new trailer for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team:

The game will be available on August 11th, and hopefully I’ll have my preview ready before then!

That’s pretty much everything from this edition of Nintendo Direct. I’ll have more news for you here as it develops.


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