The Nintendo Download – 7/18/13

Before getting down to the Download, a couple of quick notes: 1) My apologies for the lack of updates, as I’ve been quite sick all week and this has slaughtered much of my productivity. 2) My whole thing about Donkey Kong last week failed to take into account (nor do I remember any reminders being present, in all fairness) that it is the final 30 cent game to celebrate 30 years of the Famicom/NES. Suffice to say, that makes it a much better value. With that said…

Nintendo came out of nowhere this morning with a new Nintendo Direct Mini (whose other details I’ll post about separately) which revealed that the cult favorite RPG Earthbound is now available on the Wii U Virtual Console for the lofty price of $9.99 (SNES games usually go for $7.99). Still, that’s far better than the hundreds it would cost to get it legitimately from eBay or Amazon, and they even went to the effort of creating an online version of the player’s guide that came with the original– optimized for the Wii U’s internet browser, no less!

I’m just surprised they didn’t do more to hype this release up. Granted, they told us about it before, but we never had a date until… well, now. When they already released it. Still, this should be a happy day for Starmen all across North America, as they can finally show their support for this classic the way they’ve always wanted to.


…wow. I’m not even sure what to think about this.

Okay, so Shantae is another cult hit– this one by WayForward– that is finally getting its due on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console for $4.99. On the one hand, it’s like Nintendo is stacking the deck with cult classics people have long wanted to get their hands on legitimately today. On the other, I have to wonder if Shantae might get completely overshadowed by Earthbound.

Hopefully it works out well for both!


Speaking of WayForward, Ubisoft will release their Wii U version of The Smurfs 2 for $39.99 on July 23rd. Papa Smurf and up to four friends pursue Gargamel and his Naughties through New York and Paris in the hopes of rescuing a kidnapped Smurfette.


Until 9am PDT on August 1st, Puddle is available at a discounted price of $4.49.


THE “DENPA” MEN 2: Beyond the Waves and Undead Bowling each have demo versions available in the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Undead Bowling is a newcomer, however, and if you enjoy the game, the full version can be yours for $6.99.


Finally, there’s the puzzle-strategy game Robot Rescue 3D for $2.99, featuring up to 30 robots to rescue in each of its 120 levels, and Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale, a $7.99 action-adventure game with episodic mysteries, both for Nintendo 3DS.

As always, click the corresponding links above to learn more about each of this week’s releases.


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