Retro City Rampage is Coming to Nintendo 3DS and PAX

3ds_3Vancouver-based Vblank Entertainment has announced that it is bringing its classic-styled gaming hit, Retro City Rampage, to the Nintendo 3DS. On the official webpage, developer Brian Provinciano notes that the most successful version released was the PlayStation Vita’s, given is pick-up-and-play style. Therefore, it only made sense to look at a Nintendo 3DS version.

“It packs all of the same content as the other versions,” he notes, “including the new Retro+ Enhanced Graphics mode, but every mission is being tweaked and adjusted to run best with the zoomed in camera.” Provinciano offers some additional insights into porting the game to a less powerful machine, some of the ideas he has for the bottom screen, and notes that the game will remain in 2D:

The main game is 2D, just like the other platforms. While just as much as you, I would love to play RCR in 3D, with a top down angle, a conversion wouldn’t be trivial. With sidescrollers, developers can simply separate the background and foreground layers and distance them apart. However, with a top down perspective using cube-like objects such as buildings and vehicles, it would require the graphics to all be recreated as 3D objects, a new rendering engine, a camera system that players would be happy with, and further optimizations. For a new game it would be more feasible, but for an existing one, it simply would’ve taken too long.

Hmm, perhaps Provinciano will get lucky and Nintendo will come up with something that would help alleviate that kind of expectation for some people.

For now, the game will be playable at Nintendo’s booth at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle this weekend, from August 30th to September 2nd. If you happen to be going, Provinciano will be on hand for two different panels and one talk, so be sure to check them out!

Retro City Rampage is slated for a Nintendo 3DS eShop release this holiday season, but is already available on the Wii and Wii U (through the latter’s Wii Mode), Xbox 360, PC/Steam, and the PlayStation 3/PlayStation Vita. Via cross-buy, one purchase gets both the PS3 and PSVita versions, and you can get them this weekend as part of a sale for 66 percent off ($4.99), or 75 percent off ($3.74) if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

Incidentally, I must guiltily confess that I did get a review code for the Xbox 360 version a while back, but I didn’t get far enough into it that I felt I could review it before it fell by the wayside for other work, and it eventually reached the point that I wondered if anyone still wanted a review. I will say, though, that I did thoroughly enjoy what I have played of the game, and would definitely recommend it based on that– especially at those PlayStation Store sale prices.


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