The Nintendo Download – 8/29/13

Here’s the latest Nintendo Download… a day late, for some reason. That reason being that whenever I checked Nintendo’s press site, there was no inclusion of the new downloads until this morning. Not wanting to miss anything, I held off, but now we’re ready to go!


Nintendo is dipping its toe in the water of the battlefield currently occupied by the warring factions of Skylanders and Disney Infinity with
Pokémon Rumble U
, the latest addition to the Pokémon Rumble series. Up to four players can participate as toy Pokémon battle it out, and you can add even more to the mix by purchasing the scannable NFC figures, which are sold separately.

You can learn more about it here, and read up on some of the basics of the series in my review of the previous installment, Pokémon Rumble Blast for the Nintendo 3DS.


At long last, after a nearly year-long delay, Rayman Legends is ready to bring its unique brand of five-player platforming style to the Wii U. You can read my hands-on impressions from last year here, or better still, try the demos in the Nintendo Wii U eShop if you haven’t already. The game will be released at retail and in the Nintendo eShop on September 3rd.


It’s The Legend of Zelda, and it’s really rad; those creatures from Ganon are pretty bad. Octoroks, Tektites, and Leevers, too; but with your help (and $4.99), our hero’s on Wii U.

Yeah, I love this game. It may be the oldest in the series, but to me, it remains one of the best and one of my favorites. You can read why in my review of the Nintendo 3DS release here. And if you’ve already got it on the Wii Virtual Console, it’s a dollar more to upgrade it for all the fun and useful features the Wii U has to offer.


Wario Land 3 for the Game Boy Color is the latest entry in the series to smash its way into the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Over two dozen levels and 100 treasures are yours to discover for $4.99 in what might be the biggest and most expansive Wario Land game to date, one which seems to fit the criteria of a “Metroidvania” game– that is, games in the style of many Metroid or Castlevania titles which offer free-roaming exploration and backtracking to find new areas when you’ve discovered new abilities.

Also: Wario turns into a zombie. Everyone is still mad about zombies, right? If not a zombie, then how about a vampire? Look out, Edward!


Finally, from September 1st until 9am PT on September 15th, BIT.TRIP.SAGA is on sale for the low, low discounted price of $4.99.

And that’s it for this week. Click on any of the corresponding links above to learn more about each of this week’s titles, including more screens, details, and perhaps even a video or two.


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