The Nintendo Download – 12/19/2013

Castlevania, Shinobi, Streets of Rage, and several new free demos!

Following yesterday’s announcements and releases, Nintendo still has a nice selection of new additions to the Nintendo eShop for today’s Nintendo Download. (That’s a lot of “Nintendo” for once sentence.)


3D Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master – The seventh of SEGA’s eight-game 3D Classics series, Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master follows Joe Musashi as his enemies, the evil organization of Neo Zeed, has returned. Deadly weapons and lethal ninja arts are the order of the day as you seek to destroy the bio-ninjas threatening the city. In addition to a new 3D presentation, you can also choose which round you start at.


3D Streets of Rage – The eighth and final SEGA 3D Classic (at least, for now) follows three young ex-police officers as they strive to clean up the city’s streets of crime the old-fashioned way. In addition to new 3D visuals, this title sports local multiplayer for one other person and a new “Single Hit K.O.” mode to help you power through.


Nano Assault Neo – Demo Version – This demo of the sci-fi action game tasks you with stopping the Nanostray virus from spreading across the Nano cosmos. Are you up to the challenge?


Castlevania – Simon Belmont embarks on his legendary first quest to free the people of Transylvania from the tyranny of Count Dracula in this very challenging classic NES title. Vampire bats, Medusa, the Frankenstein monster, twin mummies, and even Death itself stand between you and your goal, but thanks to the Wii U Virtual Console’s Restore Points, it’s easier than ever to keep coming back and bring Dracula down for the count.


Little Inferno – On sale for 50 percent off until 9am PT on January 2nd, this game has you “burn flaming logs, screaming robots, credit cards, batteries, exploding fish, unstable nuclear devices and tiny galaxies in an adventure that takes place almost entirely in front of a fireplace.” Why invest in a virtual fireplace for your television when you can play with an interactive one?


Knytt Underground – An M-rated title for up to four players, this title presents a “unique adventure delivering zen-like gameplay, vibrant environments and dynamic characters”. The planet was all but destroyed 500 years ago by humans who have since left, leaving a remaining population of “sprites” to dwell in underground tunnels. Unfortunately, the time has come for the six bells of fate to be rung, lest what’s left of the planet be destroyed, and ringing those bells is all up to you!

N3DS_VC_NES_CrashBoys_Screens_01 N3DS_VC_NES_CrashBoys_Screens_02

Crash ‘n the Boys Street Challenge – The son of a rich industrialist has had it with Crash and his Southside Boys, and has decided to bring the heat by enlisting three other schools to take them down in a series of unsanctioned street challenges. Will you side with Crash, or enlist with one of the other schools? Once you’ve decided where your loyalties lie, it’s off to compete in the 400 meter hurdles, Hammer Throw, Swimming, Rooftop Jumping, and Judo events to establish supremacy.


Banana Bliss: Jungle Puzzles – Morris the monkey is on a puzzle-based adventure through 300 levels spread across seven jungle-themed worlds as he attempts to collect as many hearts as possible for his girl, Molly, and he needs your help! Just watch out for spiked urchins, poisonous snails, and other dangerous critters who will get in your way!


Winter Sports – Feel the Spirit – Up to four players compete as you choose from one of 20 nations to take on 50 winter sport challenges! Engage in seven disciplines, including the three new Ice Speedway, Cross-Country Skiing, and Curling events!


Brunch Panic – Demo Version – Bonnie is combining her love of travel with her love of food by taking her food truck through 50 levels of customer service, and now you can even try a free sample of what she’s bringing to the table before committing to a purchase.


World Conqueror 3D – Demo Version – This World War II strategy game now has a free demo available for you to try out! Can you lead your forces of soldiers, tanks, and artillery to take over enough territories to win the war?

That’s everything for this week. As always, click the corresponding links above for more info, more screens, and in some cases, even some video for each of this week’s releases.


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