The Nintendo Download – 12/5/2013

3D Sonic The Hedgehog, 3D Altered Beast, Donkey Kong 3, The Legend of the Mystical Ninja, and more!


3D Sonic The Hedgehog – It’s Sonic’s original adventure to take down the evil machinations of Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik, and now it’s in 3D! In addition to the stereoscopic effect, this version adds the famous Spin Dash and a Zone Select. Just don’t confuse it with the iOS version by Taxman– that one is on an entirely different level.


3D Altered Beast – Rise from your grave! The evil Neff (who you might recognize in one of his forms from Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph‘s “Evil-Anon” meeting) has kidnapped the goddess Athena, but Zeus ain’t got time for that! So he summons two warriors from the dead to conquer Neff’s demonic forces by transforming into a variety of animal-men such as werewolves, werebears, and even weredragons! In addition to a new stereoscopic 3D effect, this version also supports local multiplayer and a new “Random Transformation” mode.

N3DS_VC_NES_DonkeyKong3_Screens_03 N3DS_VC_NES_DonkeyKong3_Screens_02

Donkey Kong 3 – Donkey Kong (Cranky Kong, in his younger days) is up to mischief again, and Mario is nowhere in sight. This looks like a job for bugman Stanley, who attempts to chase DK away from his flowers with blasts of bug repellant from his trusty spray gun! Just make sure you don’t get stung by the bees as you send DK packing!


The Legend of The Mystical Ninja – Konami’s Super NES classic allows for two players to cooperate as they trek through ten of the Dragonbeast’s levels in order to rescue the fair princess.


Brilliant Hamsters! – Feed, clothe, and buy new cages for your hamsters in this hamster-raising simulation. With the Nintendo 3DS’s AR Card, you can also play with it, too!


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 – Based on the movie of the same name, this title features three game modes, unlockable characters, and power-ups as you try to survive an island where food has come to life– and has you on the menu!


Hooked on Bass Fishing – Available on Nintendo DSiWare, this fishing game allows you to use different stylus-driven movements to simulate all the casting and tugging of the real thing.


Your Favorite Gaming Friends: Donkey Kong – The fourth and final week of the “Your Favorite Gaming Friends” sale features none other than everyone’s favorite 800-pound gorilla, Donkey Kong! This one is a little weird, though, as the press release says that Game & Watch™: Donkey Kong Jr. on Nintendo 3DS is 30 percent off, but it’s not listed in the link above.

Beyond that, you can get Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. for either Wii U or Nintendo 3DS and Donkey Kong 3 for Wii U for $3.49, down 30 percent from $4.99. Unfortunately, the newly-released Donkey Kong 3 for Nintendo 3DS isn’t part of the deal. That’s too bad, as the game is decent, at the very least, but not really a favorite among fans; the discount might have provided a nice incentive.

That’s everything for this week. For more details, images, and videos, click on the corresponding links above.


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