The Nintendo Download – 1/2/2014

X– or rather, X2— marks the spot!

This week’s Nintendo Download is nothing short of bizarre, as– for the most part– it’s just like last week’s, but for the addition of one new title to the Wii U Virtual Console and one more free demo (and a couple of sales elapsing). Since the Nintendo Network was facing difficulty throughout the holidays, my best guess is that this is Nintendo’s way of allowing last week’s offerings a chance to shine before bringing in more heavy hitters.


As for this week’s new additions, first we have Capcom’s Super NES classic, Mega Man X2. Six months after the defeat of Sigma in the original Mega Man X, the remains of the Maverick forces have been tracked to what was thought to be an abandoned factory for creating robots. X, the new leader of the Maverick Hunters, leads an assault on the plant to put an end to the Maverick threat once and for all, only to witness the beginnings of an all-new revolt!

This time, X will need to master new Robot Ride Armor, new mechanical upgrades from Dr. Light, and the new Mobile Attack Cycle in order to take down the eight Maverick bosses spread throughout the land, as well as their new leaders, the self-proclaimed “X-Hunters”! But as X will soon learn, one more life hangs in the balance; can he triumph alone, or will he need some back-up to tip the scales?


Next, we have the free downloadable demo of Bravely Default. This is no ordinary demo, however; this one features an exclusive side-quest that will not be featured in the main game, to be released at retail and in the Nintendo eShop on February 7th! For now, you’ll join with Tiz and other memorable characters to explore Luxendarc as you try to restore balance to the world. Speaking of balance, Bravely Default claim to fame is a new risk/reward system designed to bolster the turn-based combat, and which “RPG fans will obsess over”.

And again, aside from the games released last week (and the ongoing Atlus sale), that’s all for this week! Check the links above to see more images, videos, and information on this week’s titles!


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