The Nintendo Download – 1/23/2014

This week’s update contains Jack. And Life Force.

Welcome to what may be the shortest Nintendo Download of them all. And lately, that’s saying something.

Mighty Bomb Jack for Wii U – In this NES classic, the heroic Jack must fight his way through action zones and explore the Royal Palace rooms in a 16-level pyramid in order to confront the demon Belzebut, who is holding hostage the royal family of Pamera (not to be confused with the bread people). Along the way, you’ll discover various treasure chests containing untold riches and power-ups to help you along your way.

N3DS_VC_NES_LifeForce_Screens_03_cr N3DS_VC_NES_LifeForce_Screens_04_cr

Life Force for Nintendo 3DS – This NES classic from Konami features six levels of frantic shooting action across six levels as you (and potentially a partner) fight from both side and vertically-scrolling overhead views to save your planet from the terror of Zelos. If you enjoyed Gradius, then you’ll want to give this spin-off a look!


Wii Fit U Free Trial is Ending – On January 31st, you’ll no longer be able to partake in the free trial of Wii Fit U, meaning you have only one week left to enjoy it! After that point, you’ll need to get one of the $19.99 Fit Meters sold at retail to synch up with the program in order to continue using it.

On Sale in the eShop:


Shin Megami Tensei IV – “Let ATLUS treat you to another sale in 2014”, invites the press release. From January 27th through February 3rd, this title can be had for just $29.99.


Fractured Soul – Until 9am PT on February 6th, you can get this Nintendo 3DS eShop title for just $5.99. You can find my review of this one here.

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