Nintendo Direct for 2/13/14 Brings New Games and New Characters

Little Mac, Koopalings, NES Remix 2, and an update to the Nintendo eShop.

The first item of business on Nintendo 3DS is Yoshi’s New Island, which will be available on March 14th at retail and in the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The trailer above is different from the one shown in the Nintendo Direct, but features some of the same footage and new features, including new and returning morphing power-ups for Yoshi (such as the new jackhammer and the returning submarine) that will be controlled with the Nintendo 3DS’s gyroscope sensor. In addition, the giant eggs are now known as “Egg-dozers” for their ability to plow through enemies and the environment, and there are even metal versions you can acquire. Plus, if things get too rough, Yoshi has a rough equivalent of the Golden Leaves in recent Mario titles. By getting Flutter Wings, you can float through a level with ease, but it doesn’t compare to the power of a Super Star. Rather than handing the action off to a caped Baby Mario, Yoshi instead gets to enjoy running up the walls and flying through everything in sight!

Great news for me! On May 2nd, right before my birthday, Mario Golf: World Tour will finally be released! I love Mario games, and golf is pretty much the only sport I’ll play, so the timing is perfect!

The new trailer highlights a new feature called the Castle Club, which “includes golf courses, tournaments, training areas, shops, locker rooms and a café. A training area lets them focus on specific aspects of their game, such as putting. Players can customize their Mii characters using items sold at the shop, including clubs, golf balls and clothing. Different combinations of gear can affect a player’s performance.”

I’m excited for this one, but my one hope is that it manages to succeed where Mario Tennis Open fell short: By allowing the cast of characters to be more distinct in their mannerisms, and maybe have some endings for each, like in Mario Power Tennis on the GameCube/Wii. It looks like that will be just the case, going by the trailer, along with plenty of unique, Mario-styled courses as well!

That same day, my platforming itch is bound to be scratched as Kirby: Triple Deluxe arrives at retail and in the eShop. The highlights here are the many different collectibles you can find, including 8-bit styled keychains, as well as the ability to StreetPass items to other players via Waddle Dees in the background.

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, the final installment in the second trilogy (if not the series), will arrive in the Nintendo 3DS eShop and at retail on February 28th. In addition to the usual array of mind-teasing (and occasionally mind-bending) puzzles, there are collectible items and scavenger hunts which can be shared via StreetPass.

Not too much to say about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, except that it will arrive in North America in early 2015 “with more content and options than ever before.”

As I predicted yesterday, the unusually small Nintendo Download was in preparation for more titles to be released following the Nintendo Direct. The first of these is Steel Diver: Sub Wars, a strategic first-person shooter that is the follow-up to the original Steel Diver, which was one of the original Nintendo 3DS launch titles. The game is a free-to-play title featuring two submarines, the beginning of a single-player campaign, and the four-on-four local or online multiplayer mode. Upgrading to the full Premium version, however, will cost $9.99 from the in-game menu.

Also available now is INAZUMA ELEVEN, a $19.99 soccer role playing game in the Nintendo eShop that has already garnered strong followings in Europe and Japan. Train, learn new skills, and recruit the best players around with special moves (such as flaming tornado kicks and mind-bending acrobatics) to rise to the top of the league!

Available on March 20th for $7.99, Pokémon Battle Trozei is the follow-up to the Nintendo DS puzzle game, now with over 700 of the eponymous pocket monsters ranging from the series’ beginnings in Pokémon Red and Blue to the recent Pokémon X and Y. Four-player co-op play and the ability to use caught Pokémon who have built their strength up to overcome your opponents help set this one apart.


Scheduled to launch in April, Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball is not your typical sports game. Rather, it’s a series of baseball-themed mini-games that shack-owner and former baseball player Rusty Slugger is selling to feed his 10 starving pups (yes, he’s a dog). The initial software with part of the first mini-game is free, and you can either pay the $4 (real world money) for additional games, or try to haggle with Rusty by doing things such as listening to his problems or offering him items to bring down his prices.

Finally, Weapon Shop de Omasse is the fourth and final part of what is called the “GUILD01” series in Japan. Available for $7.99 on February 20th in the Nintendo eShop, it is comedian Yoshiyuki Hirai’s tribute to classic role-playing games in which players manage a weapon shop such as those found in typical RPGs. Forge weapons by tapping the touch screen in time with music, as optimal timing and forge temperatures will lead to better weapons for heroes to take on quests. “The stronger the weapons, the more successful the heroes,” and the more successful the heroes, the more successful your shop will be, no doubt. After all, a dead hero can’t become a regular customer!

And that’s all for this month’s Nintendo Download! Lots of fun new games, new additions to games we knew about, and we can finally see how Nintendo handles free-to-play!


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