The Nintendo Download – 2/20/2014

Hello out there, we’re on the air, it’s ‘Hockey Night’ tonight (and on like Donkey Kong tomorrow).

It’s a snowy week here in Canada, and two of this week’s releases in the Nintendo Download seem perfectly themed to that kind of weather!


Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for Wii U – The Beast is Back! Donkey Kong returns to his side-scrolling stomping grounds in this latest entry into the series from Retro Studios, and he has Dixie and curmudgeonly Cranky in tow. The frostily fiendish Snomads have invaded Donkey Kong Island, kicking DK and the rest of the Kong clan out and establishing their own icy regime. Naturally, Donkey is too stubborn to take this development lying down, and he’s out to show the Snomads who’s boss! Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will be available at retail and in the Nintendo eShop on Friday, February 21st.

Check back in soon for a review of this one.


Ice Hockey for Wii U – In this NES classic, you get to choose your team from one of six countries from around the world, including the United States, Sweden, and of course, Canada. Choose the type of players you want to fill out your ranks, ranging from the skinny but fast lightweight players, or the larger, more powerful players who are packing on plenty of bulk. If things aren’t going according to plan, the gloves can always come off as you settle your disputes the old-fashioned way!


WEAPON SHOP de OMASSE for Nintendo 3DS – As announced just last week on Nintendo Direct, this title takes place in a role playing game setting like most any other. However, rather than play the role of the land’s hero, you’re instead an apprentice in a weapon rental shop. You’ll make weapons to the rhythm of the beat in this humorous, quirky love letter to the RPG genre.

Episodes of INAZUMA ELEVEN on Nintendo Video for Nintendo 3DS – Last week saw the release of this soccer-based role playing game in the Nintendo eShop, and this week brings the first three episodes of the affiliated anime to Nintendo Video, where you can view them for free.


Kung Fu Rabbit for Nintendo 3DS – Your disciples have been kidnapped, but the attackers made the mistake of leaving you alive. Now is the time… for revenge! Logic, precision, agility, and “lots of sabre rattling” are key to succeeding across 80 stages and two levels of difficulty.


Quell Reflect for Nintendo 3DS – “An enchanting game of logic, which has taken the puzzle world by storm,” with 100 levels to challenge you and an exclusive soundtrack by Steven Cravis. You’ll want to click on the link to see the video, which gives a better idea of what this game is all about.


Sky Kid for Nintendo 3DS – If you follow Bandai Namco’s ShiftyLook webcomic imprint, you might be familiar with Sky Kid, whether it’s from his own comic strip, his recurring role in the Mappy animated series, or even as one of the many characters you can hang out with in Namco High. But if you’ve ever wondered where Sky Kid originated, now’s your chance to find out!

One or two simultaneous players take control of the Sky Kids, Baron and Max, as they take to the air, pick up bombs, blow up the enemy fortress, and come in for a safe landing. Succeed in your mission, and you’ll bring honor and glory back to Bird Land!

As always, click on the corresponding links above for more info, screens, and even videos for each of this week’s releases.


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