Single-Handed Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Controllers Created for Disabled Gamers

To be donated by modder to The AbleGamers Foundation.

Gaming is a pastime appreciated by all walks of life, whether you’re male or female, young or old, or able-bodied or disabled. To that latter point, this is why there have been efforts to create controllers that will allow gamers who may not be able to comfortably use a traditional input device dating all the way back to the 80s.

accessibility controller xBoxOne 2 accessibility controller PS4 2

The most recent effort towards getting everyone involved comes from celebrity modder Benjamin J. Heckendorn, better known as simply “Ben Heck.” He has been at work with the people at Element 14 on creating custom one-handed controllers for the latest video game platform releases, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, allowing those without use of both hands to still be able to operate the complicated apparatuses with only one.

accessibility controller xBoxOne 1 accessibility controller PS4 1

As you can see in the images above, the left trigger and Dpad for the controllers have been moved to the right-hand backside of the controller, putting them in easier reach for that hand. According to Heck, they’re designed with right-handed people in mind as “that’s the most common request,” but GameSpot notes that it’s currently unclear whether or not any left-handed versions of the device are forthcoming, or whether he’ll be producing more than one unit.

The controllers will be (or, by this point, have probably already been) donated to The AbleGamers Foundation, a non-profit public charity who “aims to improve the overall quality of life for those with disabilities through the power of video games.” Perhaps with any luck, AbleGamers will be able to help see to the production of a few more of these to help gamers who need them.

To see how Heck did it, check out the following video:

Or, if you’re more interested in the PlayStation 4 version, click here.

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