The Nintendo Download – 3/13/2014 – The Mario & Yoshi Edition

Plus Galaga, Madagascar, and more!

Mario and Yoshi reunite to take on challenges new and old! And that’s just the tip of this week’s Nintendo Download iceberg!


Yoshi’s New Island for Nintendo 3DS – Available at midnight on March 14th, 2014, Yoshi’s New Island is a new adventure for Baby Mario and his dino-pals as they venture through new locales and use new giant Eggdozers to find and save Baby Luigi. Can’t the poor tyke ever get a break?

wiiu_vc_supermariobrosthelostlevels_06 wiiu_vc_supermariobrosthelostlevels_02

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels for Wii U – If you thought Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was too easy, then here is the side-scrolling platformer for you! Released in Japan as Super Mario Bros. 2 and later as Super Mario Bros. For Super Players in the Game Boy Color release Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, this brutally challenging sequel to the NES classic puts twists on nearly everything you know from the original, from Poison Mushrooms (for which certain websites are named) to Warp Zones that will send you backward instead of forward, and more!

Even if you’ve played this in Super Mario All-Stars, know that this version is actually even more brutal! Good thing the Wii U Virtual Console features Restore Points!


Galaga for Nintendo 3DS – One of the all-time classic top-down space shooters, Galaga puts you into the cockpit of a space fighter with a secret! As the aliens attack in formation and capture your ship, your next ship can free the original, allowing the two to fight back together with twice the firepower!

On a related note, the now-closing ShiftyLook webcomic site has a complete Galaga story available for you to read. Enjoy it while it lasts!


CastleStorm DLC for Wii U – New downloadable content is available for this late-2013 Nintendo 3DS eShop release: “All hail to ‘The Warrior Queen,’ the newest CastleStorm expansion. A new class of Viking Elite warrior is at your service and ready for your command as you lead them in a quest for revenge against the infamous Chief Ramhorn!”


Madagascar 3 & The Croods Prehistoric Party Combo Pack for Nintendo 3DS – Whether you want to adventure with the animals of Madagascar or party down with The Croods in mini-games, this combo pack has you covered.


Bubble Pop World for Nintendo 3DS – This match-three game requires a Nintendo 3DS Augmented Reality card to work. With that, there are 120 puzzle and arcade levels available for your enjoyment, along with eight underwater-based mini-games and the ability to create and share up to 128 of your own levels.


Cube Tactics for Nintendo 3DS – This unique strategy war game has more than 25 tactical quests to engage in single player mode, or you can take on up to three opponents in online multiplayer.


Lola’s ABC Party for Nintendo 3DS – Designed to teach the alphabet and words to children ages three to six, this title boasts easy-to-understand spoken instructions and is customized to the child’s learning pace as they learn about upper and lowercase letters, word recognition, and word construction.


WAKEDAS for Nintendo 3DS – Group blocks of the same color together by simply dragging your finger across the screen in this puzzle game of more than 300 levels. If you find yourself stuck, you can get a helpful boost from the hint system.


Nintendo eShop Sale: SteamWorld Dig for Nintendo 3DS – Until 9am PT on March 16th, this acclaimed title is 50 percent off. I missed it when it first came out, but have heard great things about it since, so I’m going to make sure to grab myself a copy! If you’re interested in a review, here is one my wife wrote not too long ago.

starwarspinball zenpinball2

Nintendo eShop Sale: Zen Pinball 3D, Marvel Pinball 3D, and Star Wars Pinball for Nintendo 3DS – Beginning at 9am on March 17th and lasting until 9am PT on March 31st, this Zen Studios sale features these three titles for 50 percent off in the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

For more information, screens, and videos on each of this week’s releases and sale items, click on the associated link above.


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