The Nintendo Download – 3/27/2014

It’s The Legend of Sonic, and it’s way past cool.

There is no shortage of crazy stuff going on in the Nintendo Download this week, and the craziest part of all is free! Or is it that the craziest one is free the craziest part?


Dr. Mario for Wii U – Call the doctor, Mario! Oh-oh! If you’re more interested in a vintage cure for boredom than what’s on offer from Dr. Mario Online Rx on WiiWare or Dr. Luigi in the Wii U eShop, then today’s Nintendo Download is just what the doctor ordered! Play single-player to see how many levels you can complete before the number of viruses and the speed of the capsules is too much, or take on a friend and score some combos to really put the pressure on them.

3DS_VC_NES_CluCluLand_SCRN_01 3DS_VC_NES_CluCluLand_SCRN_02

Clu Clu Land for Nintendo 3DS – Join Bubbles, the brave bubble fish, as she seeks to uncover all of the golden bars stolen by the greedy Sea Urchins and hidden in the underwater mazes of Clu Clu Land! 20 stages await, and you can even bring along a friend for more fun.


Sonic Lost World Downloadable Content for Wii U – A new, free downloadable level for Sonic Lost World features a theme based on The Legend of Zelda, and it looks pretty cool! Sonic dons the iconic green tunic and floppy cap of the Hero while Link himself swoops by overhead on his red Loftwing from Skyward Sword. Using the power of the Black Bomb Color Powers, Sonic is able to uncover hidden chambers and treasure chests with valuable items within, all while taking on the villains of Hyrule as only he can.

Since there’s no video on Nintendo’s Sonic Lost World page, you should click here to see it for yourself.


My Style Studio: Hair Salon for Wii U – Five characters await having their hair done, and you’re the one tasked with the job! Thirteen tools allow you to cut and style their locks any way you please, and you can even deck them out in hats, glasses, and other accessories for more options.


Skater Cat for Nintendo 3DS – Join Ollie, the sleekest cat around as he skates through flee stray cats and collect tasty treats through 25 levels spread across three worlds. There are 90 medals to collect and other bonus features, such as the unlockable option to use your Mii. And with StreetPass, you can exchange ghosts and best times with other Skate Cat players.


I am an Air Traffic Controller Airport Hero Hawaii for Nintendo 3DS – This air traffic control simulator sets you in sunny Hawaii, at the the Honolulu International Airport. Oversee four landbound runways and two floating ones as direct domestic and international flights from cargo planes, water planes, and light aircraft.


I am in the movie for Nintendo 3DS/DSiWare on Nintendo DSi – This software promises Hollywood-like special effects which would normally require expensive software and a considerable time investment to learn, all in the palm of your hand for just $1.99. Peter Jackson may have little to fear from your productions, but you can still add thermal vision, cloaking, morphing, and explosions to your videos, as well as record your own sound effects.

Plus, in case you missed it, a bunch of Ubisoft games are on sale on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShops until March 31st. Get all the details here.

As always, click on the corresponding links above for more information, screens, and videos on this week’s releases.


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