Disney XD Launches Gaming Show (In My Parents’ Garage)

Find out when you can catch it.

Earlier this week, Disney XD debuted an original Canadian video game television show titled Gaming Show (In My Parents’ Garage), and after catching the premiere, I’ve managed to dig up a little bit of info for you in case you happened to miss it.

In the spirit of past video game news and entertainment shows such as Video Power, Video & Arcade Top 10, and GamePro TV, Disney XD’s foray into the world of gaming features such segments as video game reviews, behind-the-scenes of game development, and even a bit of sketch-styled comedy.

Meet Gaming Show‘s ringleader Jesse; an avid gamer with an inquisitive mind who, along with his friends Julia and Ian, operates a DIY web series devoted to gaming and kid culture. Each episode takes place in the “ultimate mega gaming paradise” (a.k.a. Jesse’s parents’ garage) where the wacky trio hangs out, tests the latest video games, checks in with expert correspondents and shoots witty weekly news segments. The series provides insights into the gaming world as the cameras follow Jesse and the crew to some of the world’s biggest tech companies talking to experts about everything anyone ever wanted to know about gaming, from conception to the final touches.

“With Gaming Show we’ve used a unique filming format that promotes the newest gaming products and delivers a behind-the-scenes look at the industry designed specifically with kids in mind,” said Disney XD’s Director of Original Programming, Michael Goldsmith, in a press release. “Knowing that this topic is of huge interest to our audience, our goal is to create a show that speaks to them, not at them, through a variety of inventive segments. Plus, being at the pilot stage, we’re able to incorporate their feedback and create a series that is customized to their viewing tastes.”

The premiere episode includes a visit to Ubisoft’s motion capture facility for a virtual swordfight, a trip to Microsoft to check out “Project Spark,” and review of Super Mario 3D World. There are also guest appearances by RizenVisual and Amir Johnson of the Toronto Raptors, who doesn’t take kindly to the constant trash-talking by one of the hosts.

Gaming Show (In My Parents’ Garage) premiered at 7:30pm on Monday, April 21st (right before WWE Monday Night Raw, fortunately for me), and according to the Disney XD website, will have encore airings on Saturday, April 26th at 9:30am; Sunday, April 27th at 6:30pm, and Tuesday, April 29th at 8:00am. Once you’ve seen what they have to offer, you can then offer some feedback here, where you’ll then be entered for a chance to win a grand prize of an Xbox One console (provided by Microsoft) or one of ten secondary prizes of $50 gaming gift cards.


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