The Nintendo Download – 4/3/2014 – Advanced Edition

The Game Boy Advance Virtual Console for Wii U is here, along with Batman and Rusty, too!

It’s April, and Nintendo is kicking off the month with the launch of its new line of Game Boy Advance games for the Wii U Virtual Console. More are still to come, along with the NES legend Super Mario Bros. 3 on April 17th. But for now, here are this week’s releases.


Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – Deluxe Edition for Wii U – The Nintendo 3DS follow-up to Batman: Arkham Origins comes to the Wii U with a deluxe edition featuring enhanced graphics, new maps and enemies, and different difficulty levels and bat suits.


Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball for Nintendo 3DS – It’s baseball season, and Rusty is here to make you a deal. He has a lineup of add-on mini-games lined up based on batting, pitching, and fielding, and while you can just pay the flat fee to access these, you can also collect a variety of objects with which to haggle for a lower real-life price.


Metroid Fusion for Wii U – In the (chronologically) final game of the Metroid series to date, Samus will have to rely on skills both new and old as she explores a space station full of X-parasites and the creatures they’ve infected. But will she be ready when she has to face her more-powerful self in the form of the SA-X, which is constantly on the hunt for her?


Advance Wars for Wii U – As the new tactical adviser to the Orange Star Army, you’re faced with fending off an invasion with 18 different types of air, land, and sea-based units across 114 maps of turn-based warfare. Just be sure to heed the terrain and weather as you plan your next move!


Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for Wii U – Mario and Luigi are back, and must venture to the neighboring Beanbean Kingdom in pursuit of the villainous Cackletta and her assistant, Fawful, as they try to get back the stolen voice of Princess Peach. And who should decide to lend the Bros. a hand but… Bowser?!


Super Monkey Ball 3D for Nintendo 3DS – Aiai and friends are back for more Monkey Ballin’ action on the Nintendo 3DS. Race to the finish line in Monkey Race, or square off in a Monkey Fight!


Evofish for Wii U – Up to five players can partake in three different party modes as you survive and grow by eating smaller fish to become master of the ocean.


Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst for Nintendo 3DS – Assume the role of the master detective in this hidden object game as you search for clues to unlock the secrets of Ravenhearst Manor. Find the pieces to the missing diary to tell the story and unlock the mystery.


Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove for Wii U – Explore the town of Dire Grove in this hidden object game as you attempt to survive what was once thought to only be the stuff of legends and fairy tales.

Nintendo eShop Deal – Until 8:59am PT on April 10th, purchase Dr. Mario for the Wii U Virtual Console and receive $5 off the purchase of Dr. Luigi.

And that’s everything for this week! For more info on each of these releases, just click the corresponding link above for more images, video, and details!


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